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Originally Posted by itachi-san314 View Post
yes obito was dumb. but obito as madara/tobi is not. you guys are forgetting that he had an intelligence boost from zetsu to explain why he was no longer stupid. that's not to say that tobi is brilliant, but he is clearly much smarter than original obito was and he became a master manipulator in his own right
Where was it said that the Zetsu body improved Obito's intelligence? I know it improved his bodies abilities for a time (giving him increased strength and Mokuton), but I do not recall it mentioning intelligence.

As it is, Obito know longer uses the Zetsu body (he stopped around the time of the Minato fight), so even if it did improve his intelligence for a time it is no longer working with his body so his intelligence should be back to it's original levels.
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