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Originally Posted by Hunter View Post
Personally I feel no emotional impact about it save a mild annoyance and Obito is only really connected to Kakashi. As far as the rest of the characters are concerned it's who's this guy and what's his problem?
Unfortunately i felt much the same. But while i was complaining about it i realized how many people on this forum supported the idea, and it seems they are more often the younger ones, those closer in age to the default audience of the manga.

Originally Posted by itachi-san314 View Post
yes obito was dumb. but obito as madara/tobi is not. you guys are forgetting that he had an intelligence boost from zetsu to explain why he was no longer stupid. that's not to say that tobi is brilliant, but he is clearly much smarter than original obito was and he became a master manipulator in his own right
I was trying to make sense of Tobi's actions by explaining it with having Obito's mind merged with Madara's will and such things. But the recent chapters made it clear that Obito is just Obito and nobody else, not even Zetsu. Also explaining an intelligence boost with Zetsu is not working: we are talking about some android mind that keeps asking a child how does it feel to take a dump. Of course Obito became smarter by growing up, especially because of the way he had to grow up he had to improve a lot in the field of deception. But it's simply not believeable that he changed so much.

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