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^I'm not talking about Obito losing, I'm talking about him fighting at all. Whether he could win the battle or not does not matter. His mission was the Kyuubi, not Konoha's destructuon, and he failed the mission magnificently (seemingly due to his emotions or simple incompetence).
that's assuming minato and konoha wouldn't retaliate for kushina's death and losing the kyuubi, which they most certainly would. i think tobi was smart to try to take out minato then and there without giving him time to concoct a strategy and prepare for tobi's skills. it was also smart to unleash the kyuubi as a distraction during their fight and to thin konoha's numbers. the smartest way to try to fight an elite ninja like minato is by surprise and distraction. obito was prepared for minato, but minato had no idea what was going on or what obito could do and he still won. a prepared minato would logically do much better

As for his wall of eyes...considering the power of the eyes, why should he waste any? Especially if he wants to be able to use Izanagi or Izanami whenever he requires. Additionally, if the MS are trully unique, then it only makes sense to try and accquire as much power as possible.
i dont think he wasted any, but there comes a time when he has so many that why even bother coming up with a grand scheme to acquire more? if he had to use izanagi 100s of times then he would be having more problems than just a shortage of eyes. it would probably mean that he wasn't strong enough to carry out the plan and no matter how many eyes he had it wouldn't matter
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