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Originally Posted by itachi-san314 View Post
that's assuming minato and konoha wouldn't retaliate for kushina's death and losing the kyuubi, which they most certainly would
Of course they would try and retaliate, but since Obito can literally fade into nothingness (the only reason Minato even knew Obito was there was because Obito wanted him to) he could have escaped with no one the wiser. And this would have been perfect since Konoha would begin the search for Kushina, and their first target would be Kumo - the next strongest nation and the natioin that kidnapped Kushina in the past. Imagine how great a war between Kumo and Konoha would have been for Madara's plan. In fact, with the possible mutual destruction, the Kyuubi, Hachibi and Nibi would have all been in Obito's hand. And this could have all been achieved by not fighting Minato let alone anyone of importance.

Originally Posted by itachi-san314 View Post
i dont think he wasted any, but there comes a time when he has so many that why even bother coming up with a grand scheme to acquire more? if he had to use izanagi 100s of times then he would be having more problems than just a shortage of eyes. it would probably mean that he wasn't strong enough to carry out the plan and no matter how many eyes he had it wouldn't matter
I agree with your logic, but extra ammo is always helpful and there is no reason to waste resources. Hell, if he had enough Sharingan, Obito could have implanted them in the Zetsus and the army would have been exponentially more powerful (imagine an army of zetsus able to use Izanagi or MS jutsus, if even a few of them had Amaterasu, then 1000s could have been killed by just those few).

Edit: to speculate, it is possible that Obito killed the clan in order to prevent an MS from breaking the eternal Tsukuyomi (since only an MS can break a Tsukuyomi...well an MS and Sasuke's eyes)

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