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Originally Posted by milan kyuubi View Post
But there is the thing that Naruto was born with whiskers mark due to Kushina being NT jinchuuriki.
It's because of the leaking chakra, not the DNA. But of course chakra is also unique to people just like DNA, so one could refer to chakra similarily as to DNA. But even then it was made clear that Naruto's chakra is different from kyuubi's and if it's not transformed then it's like poison to him and even more to others (like Sakura who got hurt by it once). Naruto and kyuubi are able to transform their chakra into another one so they can give chakra to other people. That was explained recently when they gave chakra to the all the people of the allied army.

BTW seeing the recent events with Sasuke - and knowing how close Naruto's form is to the Sage of 6 paths and now also seeing how he can give away chakra and his chakra even reacts with Hashirama's cells - my guess is that Naruto will be able to activate the rinnegan in Sasuke's eyes with his chakra, that is they will have the powers of the sage only when they cooperate instead of fighting like the 2 sons of the sage did.
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