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Originally Posted by Ero-Senn1n View Post
It's because of the leaking chakra, not the DNA. But of course chakra is also unique to people just like DNA, so one could refer to chakra similarily as to DNA. But even then it was made clear that Naruto's chakra is different from kyuubi's and if it's not transformed then it's like poison to him and even more to others (like Sakura who got hurt by it once). Naruto and kyuubi are able to transform their chakra into another one so they can give chakra to other people. That was explained recently when they gave chakra to the all the people of the allied army.

BTW seeing the recent events with Sasuke - and knowing how close Naruto's form is to the Sage of 6 paths and now also seeing how he can give away chakra and his chakra even reacts with Hashirama's cells - my guess is that Naruto will be able to activate the rinnegan in Sasuke's eyes with his chakra, that is they will have the powers of the sage only when they cooperate instead of fighting like the 2 sons of the sage did.
That is indeed a very good possibility. It would probably be only temporary then. Just untill Sasuke would run out of the given chakra. At the same time... we've seen alot of abilities of the rinnegan. Would Sasuke really need one? Also.. would it really be possible since you'd need a special body. Because if that would be true that Sasuke could potentially master any chakra type. Which was, when Kakuzu was introduced, actually impossible.

Which would also lead me to believe that the Senju and maybe the Uzumaki can, because of their special body over time master all chakra's. It could also be the key to use Mokuton ninjutsu. Earth + Fire became lava, a bloodline limit technique of the Mizukage. All of them combined perhaps the wood element or was that only water and earth. Something Yamato explained during Naruto's wind element training. I cant clearly remember that.

Originally Posted by Monster0 View Post
Where do Ninja get their chakra? from cells.We get Hashirama chakra from using Hashirama cells.So therefore a Jinchuuriki must have the bijuu chakra stored in their cells with their own.

Where do babies come from? from the parents cells, a sperm and egg. So therefore Minato chakra + Kushina chakra + Kurama chakra = Naruto's own unique chakra signature.

Chakra is not real but babies are, so whether Mashashi Kishimoto likes it or not scientifically Naruto is related to the bijuu. Fantastically we can believe anything we want.
I think you haven't passed biology yet. You are correct though for some part.
In the sperm all the needs to make a baby will be completed as soon as the seed will merge with the female egg/cell. Anything else though isnt how a baby is born.

Originally Posted by Monster0 View Post
I already said lets not use DNA ,Chakra instead. I like what your saying,however i don't think anyone in the story really knows much about Bijuu chakra.One episode Kakashi says Naruto heals cause of kyuubi chakra,then it hurts him.If they don't know nothing, we don't know nothing, so i still speculate.
The Kyuubi's chakra has a certain will right? As explained when he tried to takeover all of the Kyuubi's chakra. So if the Kyuubi would desire to help Naruto... it would naturally heal him. And if he tries to hurt him or takeover Naruto by force... it would hurt him. Its only natural.

Transforming wouldn't make a difference since Killerbee can do it without any effect of him or his body being damaged. Now that the Kyuubi and Naruto are working together it is possible that Naruto could also take the Kyuubi's form without him being hurt in the process.
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