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Originally Posted by itachi-san314 View Post
iirc back during naruto's rasen-shuriken training yamato explained that he uses water and earth and those 2 elements are what makes up the wood element. it's not a conglomeration of all 5 elements.

also iirc rinnegan does allow the use of all elements, but the reason kakashi and yamato didn't mention it as a possibility was that rinnegan was still a mythical, unrealistic idea to them at that time. nobody had any idea that someone (nagato) had those eyes during the current time period. and i assume jiraiya didnt tell anyone about nagato
Ah yes i thought so. But thanks for clearing that up. I wonder though if one with the Rinnegan surpassed the boundries of bloodline limits because for some reason even Madara could use this Wood element technique.
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