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Ah yes i thought so. But thanks for clearing that up. I wonder though if one with the Rinnegan surpassed the boundries of bloodline limits because for some reason even Madara could use this Wood element technique.
edo-Madara could use wood element because kabuto grafted a large amount of hashirama's cells to his body. He even has the 'hashirama face' like danzo and on the zetsu tree of life. it is not a result of having rinnegan.

Originally Posted by Monster0 View Post
Tell that to all the crack babies and aids babies. everything in the mother goes into the growing baby.Yes even the bacteria in the digestive track.But were talking about a magic substance inside the cells of the characters in the story.The possibilities for this substance is endless. Oh and thanks for proving that Kuramas chakra is not poisonous.
so what is your point exactly? that those babies are related to crack? nobody disputes that baby naruto has whiskers. you said something like naruto's zygote = sperm + egg + kyuubi's chakra which would make kurama the third parent... that's not the same subject as talking about birth defects.

and like i said a while ago, i think naruto having whiskers is another muddled issue that will have no clean answer so if you want to call it a birth defect than that's fine. i just dont agree that he's in any way kurama's child
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