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That is indeed a very good possibility. It would probably be only temporary then. Just untill Sasuke would run out of the given chakra. At the same time... we've seen alot of abilities of the rinnegan. Would Sasuke really need one? Also.. would it really be possible since you'd need a special body.
I'm assuming that the 4 kages won't be enough against Madara, simply because the main characters are Naruto and Sasuke so they should be the ones to end this war. And if the 4 kages and the whole army is not enough that means both Naruto and Sasuke will need a very serious powerup. And what powerups are possible: for Naruto combining sage mode with kyuubi mode (+ now it seems his father will give him the other half of the kyuubi whatever that means, and possibly some new jutsu at last but that's less likely since he can't train him in the middle of a world-ending-super-war), for Sasuke it's the rinnegan (he could also get the 3rd form of sage mode but there's no time now, or maybe the 3rd is just that of Hashirama who will be beaten by Madara anyway). Also for Sasuke to be able to keep up with Naruto a rinnegan is really needed, because if Naruto gets all that new stuff he'll be insanely strong.

I'm also assuming that if they fight on the same side they should also do it as a team eventually, even if Sasuke doesn't want to do that currently, but when they are about to be beaten by the evil boss he will be forced to have a teamwork with Naruto. It makes more sense to have his rinnegan activated by Naruto's sage chakra, since an Uchiha can't have the rinnegan. ( Unless it's revealed that Tobi and Sasuke's parents implanted DNA from Hashirama into the emryo of Sasuke Or that Sasuke is some kind of legendary Uchiha that never existed before that can awaken the rinnegan, which feels like an ass pull )

What i'm expecting is that while they fight together Naruto could continuosly power Sasuke's rinnegan, so it's temporary but it can last until the end of the fight or until Naruto runs out of fuel. I think a collaboration is a much better option in every aspect than anything else.

I don't think that Sasuke would need a special body as long as Naruto gives him the chakra, which he can tune to fit anyone's body. Look at what he did with random people of the army, even hinata became very strong. And we know that they represent the legacy of the 2 sons of the sage, and if you add those two then you get the rinnegan.

As for what Sasuke could give to Naruto, i can imagine that he could partly fuse their mind using a combination of sharingan genjutsu and rinnegan's remote control ability. With that they could see with each other's eyes like the Pain bodies could and have some telepathic conncetion too which would let them be a perfect team. The resulting fusion-like duo could make really creative combinations of jutsu to deliver a great final boss fight against a Madara who will probably fuse with the imperfect 10-tails.

And of course the original idea for why Naruto or Sasuke needs to have temporarily the rinnegan was that they have to resurrect the army, since now it seems that by the end of the war the whole cast might end up being dead, but even right now there are about 70,000 dead.

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