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so what is your point exactly? that those babies are related to crack? nobody disputes that baby naruto has whiskers. you said something like naruto's zygote = sperm + egg + kyuubi's chakra which would make kurama the third parent... that's not the same subject as talking about birth defects

oh boy, My knowledge of biology was being challenged by someone who thinks that once a zygote is formed that nothing else is needed for the baby to continue growing.And yes it is off track from what was originally just the possibility that some of what makes kurama could be a part of Naruto,even if it is just a part of his chakra signature.The third parent statement was only metaphorical description of kuramas chakra possibly mixing into the fusion of the spermatozoa with the oocyte .

and like i said a while ago, i think naruto having whiskers is another muddled issue that will have no clean answer so if you want to call it a birth defect than that's fine. i just dont agree that he's in any way kurama's child

I too believe that this whole thing that i am speculating about may never have a clear answer. And i think you might be confusing what i was telling you about the original one shot Naruto.I was merely stating that since other aspects of that story carried over into the revamp that maybe him being the son of the 9tails may also carry over in another way.

and sorry i didn't use quotations,i'm a sloppy non computer expert.
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