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Originally Posted by Ultima_Rasengan05 View Post
Wow, what happened to the highly anticipated info about Haruhi season 2?? Kyoto Animations are really screwing around with their fans now...its been a year since every Haruhi fan has seen that teaser and with the poster of Yuki and still no info on Haruhi season 2 yet. Instead we get info on the games that are currently out for the systems. If they are trying to "remake" the whole first season, then thats just wasting time...and for what purpose? To make it into a 24 episode season trying to tie in both Melancholy and Disappearance??

I don't know...either Kyoto Animations is playing mind games with us and not really saying anything until they unexpectedly air Haruhi season 2 or they are trying the dreaded "viral" campaign, (I blame Cloverfield for this crap!!!...errrr>_<) keeping their fans waiting will just fade away the anticipation.
I'm sure it's actually Kadokawa's fault rather than Kyoani's. I mean they carry the licence, do the avertising and shout the orders down and then Kyoani basically does what they ask. If anyone is to be blamed for the drawn out marketing campaign it's them.
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