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Originally Posted by zodanhko View Post
Have we forgotten that Hina is only implied to have had a 'decent' life for the last year-or-so, solely on her own. She was shown crying in one of the glimpses of her younger years, and her sister was her only seeming comfort, was likely not around for several years while she was attempting to repay the debt. She knows what Hayate's life was like by empathy, something none of the other characters are shown to understand, possibly by hardening their hearts to others. Only Hina is shown to have kept a factor of emotion through her trials.

Sakuya and Ayumu are probably the only ones with a decent past family life, and Sakuya seems to be the only one with a positive outlook (and it's hinted that she only has that because she's trained herself that way.).
This isn't a story where the characters have happy family lives.
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