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Originally Posted by FlareKnight View Post
It does feel like that was the goal for these episodes. Set up Kirito as a person and quickly level him up to a point where the end (clearing the game) is relatively in sight. The setting of course had the potential turn into some super long epic, but that's not what we're going for I suppose.
Time constraints make the fastforward understandable—but the opening is meant to partly 'sell' the show so to speak, and if this sword is featured as a definitive part of a character, I would've at least expected some special mention of it somewhere. Kirito literally walks in the shop and casually shows the sword to Lizbeth out of nowhere asking her if she could forge something better.

Perhaps it's just me having some sort of expectation about the 'proper' order of things, and maybe the Elucidator isn't that significant after all, but it's still a lost opportunity for an interesting event in the story in my opinion. Or maybe there's going to be a flashback later on, but with the way the story is going currently, I'm not so sure about that.
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