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Originally Posted by Pocari_Sweat View Post
In this week's Side Arcs Online (SAO), we get another "Girl gets wooed by Kirito's Charm" and Kirito rejects her because she's pretty low on the list in regards to his harem!

In all seriousness, it was a pretty average ep. I did however eyeroll that another girl had to fall for Kirito... in such a short period of time. Otherwise another typical side arc episode. Wish it would get to the main arc already so I can judge the series properly and not based on side arcs that I frankly don't really care about. Sure we get Kirito character development, but this could have easily been done if a more "traditional" approach of incorporating side arcs whilst following a main plot line (via flashbacks if need be).
I don't particularly have an issue with how they are doing things right now. I believe I said this before, the 'side arcs' element reminds me a lot of Casshern SINS. As long as he does something that entertains me, there can be side plots all the way til the end. If it's something like ep3 though, with Sachi, then that would suck, but devoting an entire episode to a new girl character is fine by me. And I thought Liz was cute too. They really did well at showing a connection between the two. The closer was pretty good too(unlike with Silica =02). At least I'm feeling her more than Asuna right now, who hasn't shown much of a cute side to me or anything =0\.
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