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I had been encoding on a somewhat casual basis (my own TV rips and stuff) for 2 or 3 years before I got into fansubbing. My group was subbing a series that I was interested in and I basically wanted to join and work on that series because I believed I could help with encoding.

I now meander between my two main interests, gaming and encoding. I'm becoming ever so much more distant from current anime and trends, but I still love 80s/90s stuff as much as ever. Some people have said the quality has gone downhill recently. I was of this same opinion, particularly since CG become more widespread; costs and production time had fallen dramatically which in turn means if a series is a flop, it's less of a time/financial failure than it would have been years ago when using cels. To me, anime lost part of it's charm when it went CG. I admit that I enjoyed the series in the end, but Seed Destiny was so bad, it's the last "recent" anime I've watched.

I thought this in 2002 when I was watching Gundam Seed, and I still think it now. Perhaps this is one of the reasons I find it hard to get into things. I suppose it's kind of like Vinyl purists Vs CD people.

Maybe it's just that my interests changed or that the scene has changed and I've failed to move with it.

Anyway, I'm basically even more lazy and as inactive as ever. Sadly I don't think even a new Gundam series will get me encoding again. Real life has claimed yet another encoder.
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