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Originally Posted by Kamui4356
The same could be said about anyone who can't see that several scenes in rahxephon were taken frame for frame from Eva.
It is a rip-off, but that doesn't mean it's bad. Rahxephon is quite good, and yes it does go in a somewhat different direction. That really doesn't change anything though. There is nothing wrong with it being a ripoff. Just accept the fact that it is and move on.
This is the first good retort I have heard to the Rahxephon fans who do not acknowledge the overt similarities between Eva and Rahx. I've heard many arguments saying that there are differences between the two series, and yes I agree that there are a some differences in execution. However, these analyses must be taken from an outside perspective. When you're looking at two 26 episode series with many similar themes and it is true that the few tangible differences between the two involve overblown observations such as the fact that in Eva and Rahx the main characters' authoritative parent was of a different gender or other arguments along these lines. While I would not dismiss Rahxephon as an Eva-rip, since it does stand on its own merits, Rahxephon simply is not an original and groundbreaking series as its predecessor was. That being said, I do agree with Gold_Rogers that the best description of Rahxephon is an adaptation or a remake because although it does try a few new things, there are simply too many similarities for it to be a completely different experience from Eva.

I hope I haven't opened up a can of worms, and I apologize in advance because that really isn't my intent, I just find it interesting that the two sides seem to have diametrically opposed views, and the best method for comparing them would seem to be to look at both the similarities and the differences and then make an opinion because hardcore fans to each series seem to be too willing to dismiss the other side's point too easily.
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