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Originally Posted by Darknemo2000 View Post
Yeah but she lacks of dere so far.

Tsundere could only be considered if she starts humiliating or making fun of him with a sadistic purpose (has pleasure in it) like Hitagi from Bakemonogatari, when the girl just acts cool and doesnt do any insulting, teasing for her own pleasure then it is a kuudere. Like Yue for example, but for that she needs to show dere still.
Gaining pleasure in humiliating with a sadistic purpose isn't exactly tsundere anymore. That's traversing into yandere territory starting at about 'has pleasure in it'.

As for kuudere, Akari's showing the kuu so far. Dere side needs to show up before we can throw our arms up in the air and shout 'kuudere!'.
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