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Originally Posted by Bikerider View Post

done with this one.
10 episodes into a 12 episode show.
This made me lol, hard.

Originally Posted by germanturkey View Post
they deviated a ton from the manhwa, but the direction they took it was actually pretty good.
I've been reading the manhwa to the current volume translated and there really isn't much deviation at all besides a couple added in scenes to ramp up the romantic tension, expand upon a conflict, or to (and very slightly mind you) explain a situation in a different way (they obv didn't seem to want an entire episode dedicated to East Genetics, so they dumbed it down by having Kazuya go there and have things explained to him [for us] on the trip back). The filler ep. was great, and while some of the needless fan service is exactly that, I still feel that people are overreacting to the fact that it is there. I mean let's face it, sex sells, get over it, that fact is not going to change.

And speaking of Chiffon Fairchild, I'm still trying to figure out if Eugene (her limiter) calls her onee-sama out of respect for an upperclassman or if they are actually siblings, which to say the least would be interesting considering the relationships between pandoras and their limiters.
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