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Originally Posted by Enragin_Angel
They can encode with whatever they want. But if they want to keep using the latest stuff and release it to the public...expect some leechers to complain about how "it always worked before and now it doesn't" By the time everyone has it down and has all the latest decoders and such...a new xvid will come out and people will be confused again. Its inevitable. This should probably have been in the playback help forum tho if someone hasn't already said so.
Actually, your point about "a new xvid will come out and people will be confused again" doesn't really apply to the case of people using XviD 1.0. Unless people just installed xvid and took the trouble to make it work WITHOUT ffdshow, then yes, you get problems. But if they took the simple and obvious route of installing ffdshow as well (which was a standard thing to install along with xvid since months ago), then encodes in with the new xvid would still work (I'm still using the old xvid, everything works for me).

But yes, people do get confused with new codecs and stuff, but what I cannot understand is why can't they take a split second to ask how to FIX the problem instead of just crashing in blindly, blazing with insults, and leaving without a solution? I seriously don't think "being confused" is enough as a reason for this kind of attitude.
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