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Originally Posted by supermegasonic View Post
with how the anime is going rite now, it feels it will just end without any climax or super mystery, last episode will probably have them doing whatever, and than it just ends out of no where.
I don't know about "doing whatever". It might not end in a crazy high-suspense climax, but that doesn't mean it can't close the anime in a satisfying way. Oreki's character development has probably nearly finished anyway, and it doesn't really need a huge mystery to change that.

It might end with some self-realization on Oreki's part and a confession . We might get something like episode 21, except much more low-key. I can't imagine a huge conflict on Oreki and Chitanda's side after all, as opposed to Satoshi and Mayaka's side where there were some latent issues that needed to be resolved.
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