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Originally Posted by linkinstreet View Post
Can anyone make a basic timeline of when each ep happens?

I only can figure out these

1st ep - around April
ep 21 - February the next year
ep 22 - March 3rd
my revised timeline after rewatched the anime.

Hyouka anime timeline
-- novel timeline is different.
-- there were dates which I can't fixed, so I will leave it in the correct interval without date attached. people are welcome to add on to it.
-- format date (incident name, episode number) <date reference>


02/14 (Valentine Day, 21) <holiday>
04/09? (school year started) <Japan>
04/18? (Geology Ready Room Incident, 01) <one month before Library Incident>
05/09? (Bulletin Board Incident, 01) <essay title "School Started One Month Reflection">
05/18 (Library Incident, 02) <alarm clock>
05/20 (Cafe Date with Chitanda, 02-03) <phone clock, newspaper>
05/28-05/31 (Midterm Exam, 03) <Midterm Exam Schedule>
(Biology Ready Room Incident, 03)
06/24 (Kotenbu meeting at Chitanda's, 04) <phone clock>
06/25 (Hyouka Incident, 05) <the day after the meeting>
07/03 (Math Class Incident, 06) <Blackboard>
(Onsen Incident, 07)
(Movie Incident, 08-11)
(Swimming Pool Incident, 11.5)
10/04-10/06 (Culture Festival Incident, 12-17) <festival booklet, website, phone clock>
(Helicopter Incident, 18)
11/01 (PA Incident, 19) <Chitanda, Blackboard, Calendar>

01/01 (Temple Incident, 20) <holiday>
02/13 (Valentine Day Incident, 21) <holiday>
04/03 (Hinamatsuri Incident, 22) <holiday, calendar>
04/08? (school year starts)
04 (Houtaro's birthday, new member incident) <book 5>
05 (Star Valley Cup 20km Marathon, new member incident) <book 5>
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