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Haak: stay far, far, far away from Korean girls' manwha. You can sort of take the risk with Japanese shoujo manga, though Sukitte ii na yo is probably one of the lesser offenders of mob gossip and other high school drama bullshit you find in them. But the Koreans...the horror, oh the horror. Was there ever a kind mob somewhere, anywhere in a Korean high school? There are idols, idol groupies, delinquents and their jjang, overworked nerds, and the inevitable Cinderella heroine who's going to be caught in one hell of a let's-just-blow-Seoul-to-pieces angststorm.

In any case, school-based shoujo romantic fiction widely employs the crowd and the gossip mill as tools of drama, whereas in shounen romances it's generally the jealousy brigade at work (think "lucky bastard!"). In more serious action or mystery dramas, the crowd can serve the "muggles" role in shaming the heroes' weird behavior or even become a lynch mob. Or impromptu heroes, like in a certain famous Hollywood superhero trilogy.

All different uses of the mob.

Originally Posted by Triple_R View Post
Off the top of my head, though, I honestly can't think of an anime that had that weird, insular feeling.
Easy. Everything SHAFT. With the possible exception of Baka-Test, thanks to the KKK F class mob dudes.

All those silhouettes of background characters, animation replacements, and "stylistic" choices of highly unrealistic backgrounds make for a remarkably exhausting sense of claustrophobic isolation once you get past the average SHAFT character's high energy antics.

KyoAni is quite the opposite in this regard, at least when they have budget to play around. Hyouka, Haruhi, K-On!, and the ongoing ChuuniKoi all have worlds and, more precisely, high schools which seem to be realistically populated by people with their own lives and concerns.


My favorite "background" character, though, is Tiger & Bunny's lovely scarf-tan. I bet she's secretly a magical girl...Cure Scarf, the one and only.

My favorite mob, however, is the manga D-Frag!!. Those guys, male, female, unnamed, bald, costumed, whatever -- every single one of them are all total bros. Broskis. Bros4life.
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