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Originally Posted by Sushi-Y
It's quite funny to see so many Rin supporters in the beginning, you're all like Shirou back when he still doesn't know Rin very well yet: totally falling for her cool and elegant exterior...

Then the truth came out and dreams were shattered.
Apart from the fact that she's uberhawt, I've had enough of cute fearless swordswomen that blush when someone makes them a compliment (I've already shana =/, and Setsuna isn't far from my description <_<)

Although behind Saber there's way more than that, I know.

Evil or not, I root for Rin, no matter what. I already know that sooner or later she'll have to fight Shirou, 'cause this is a war, not an harem anime, but I don't care about him nonetheless -_-

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