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Originally Posted by outlawed
Rin's character design is very appealing. Basically Rin is moe.

She ranks up there with Shinguuji Sakura, Ayanami Rei, and Hoshino Ruri in my opinion. Could she be the next Newtype #1? Only time will tell!
She actually reminds me of Asuka Langley Souryuu without the over-the-top narcissism. She isn't as funny as Asuka, nor is she as shrill. She's cute as hell and a bit of a diva. It's very appealing.

Saber looks very stately and strong and surprisingly fierce. At the same time, she appears to be very small-boned, slender, and delicate.There seems to be a vunerability to her that runs counter to her role as great combatant. I've seen so little of her in the anime, but the character is surprisingly lovable.

I've qualified everything because I don't really know much about her, other than what I've learned over the last couple of episodes and tons and tons of images.
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