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Well, the fruit Erik has is the kama kama fruit, which is Scythe Scythe fruit. But you must remember, the Apis arc is FILLER. PLOT HOLES GALORE. Pretty much everything in the filler arc's should be ignored. Hell, i regret ever watching the Apis arc. She had the crappiest devil fruit, and was more whiny than Coby.

I'd still prefer to see a mizu mizu no mi to a kaze kaze no mi though. A water fruit opens up a lot of possibilities.

About the rarity of fruits. It almost certainly doesn't refer to the individual fruits, but their category. So the paramecia are the most common, since they just alter the bodies structure and/or capabilities. While the Zoan fruits allow you to completely change your bodies. But since the Logia fruits allow you to have no body at all, and are also only capable of being certain things, are the rarest.

Also, doesn't anybody else think that if Mr 3's arms can turn to liquid, with enough training he should be able to make his fruit an elemental fruit as well?
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