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Originally Posted by Lord of Pandemonium View Post
Who are you talking about? You qouted me but then you said a bunch of sh-t I have never said . Not my POV

The only established liar is Aizen (he's a damn good one at that) Because he's a liar it's NOT A RETCON. Simply because it's been established ahead of time that he lies. Hell his sword is a liar. He's a liar and tells half-truths in order to manipulate characters into doing what he wants them to do. He can be truthful when mind-screwing a person but it's usually after he said he lied or he bends the truth a little.
No it hasn't. We can't be sure he's telling the truth but there are times when he gives explanations that can reasonably be interpeted taken as exposition, at least in my opinion.

Otherwise I have never said that characters "simply be lying" I have said that they could be mistaken because a lot of them are. It has been shown over and over again. You guys claim everything you don't remember is a retcon. If it's a retcon I would say it but I haven't seen one yet
That pretty much amounts to the same thing. In the end you can't ineterpet anything as Character Exposition because what they're saying could be false. Whether it's intentional (lying) or unintentional (misaken) makes no difference.

For example, Soul Society easily defeating the Espada is a retcon because we were led to believe that the "fact of the matter is that the Vasto Lorde's combat abilities are above that of our captains" (Chapter 197 Page 16) and we can interpret that as exposition but many of the those Vasto Lorde's were all killed by a single captain each. Contradicting something as exposition without clarifying why they were mistaken or giving an inadequate reason is assumed to be a retcon.

You don't believe that's a retcon because you simply believe that nothing can be taken as exposition. Thus, Kaien being said to have died can't be taken as exposition.

In short, you can't believe anything can be a retcon because any contradiction between what characters say is not a retcon by your definition. So it's impossible for us to prove to you that anything is a retcon in Bleach. That's why you haven't seen one yet.

Just like people claim Kubo Retconned Tsukishima's powers and fullbringers in general and it's untrue. When you show me a retcon, then you talk smack until then. TALK TO THE HAND
I don't know why you're bringing this up since I don't believe Tsukishima's powers were retconned. If that's meant to be an illustration or some sort of proof, then it's evidently a very poor one. You're also making that hasty generelisation I repeatedly warned you not to.

I find that most of times. The things that Kubo does actually comes back and bites you in the ass. Not me....
Really? Then I guess you won't mind giving me an example then.

Oh god, I can't really crack me up sometimes, you know that

Please stop it before I die from a lack of air....I need my asthma pump

Please don't flamebait. In any case this all besides the point. I explained why we could believe Kaien was dead without seeing him die. That was your main point and I addressed it.
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