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For example, Soul Society easily defeating the Espada is a retcon because we were led to believe that the "fact of the matter is that the Vasto Lorde's combat abilities are above that of our captains" (Chapter 197 Page 16) and we can interpret that as exposition but many of the those Vasto Lorde's were all killed by a single captain each. Contradicting something as exposition without clarifying why they were mistaken or giving an inadequate reason is assumed to be a retcon.
this is what really turned me off to bleach. I mean, how could kubo not have known how these battles would play out when he first introduced the characters? and how could he not have known that he had no intention of killing off any good guys in the entire arc? it's really aggravating. the captains didnt show off any particularly new moves or training that would account for such a thing. a few of them didnt even go bankai. I guess the only explanation is that the vasto lordes didn't live up to their myth that had been circulating throughout SS but that's just dumb imo.
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