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The only time we saw Rukia fight at full power before D-Roy (who was stated to be among the weakest of his group) was against Fishbone and she lost then because Ichigo did something incredibly stupid and she had to save him.
Its true. She did have to go out of her way to save him. But if she really was VC level at the time, then I find it hard to believe her only option to save Ichigo & his family involved recklessly taking Fishbone's attacks...twice. Hell, she had ample opportunity beforehand to finish him off instantly when Yuzu got captured. But instead of choosing to use her surprise opportunity to land an attack that would end the battle, she chooses to land a non-fatal blow instead. The second time she came to Ichigo's aid may not have even happened if she didn't put herself into such a bad position in the first place. Because (by her own admission) she was being careless and took a direct hit from fishbone which knocked her into a wall. That gave fishbone the chance he needed to attack Ichigo head-on. Aside from that, Rukia simply failed to demonstrate feats worthy of VC-level. Where was the shunpo? Where was the shikai? Or better yet, why not just her use vastly superior reiatsu to overwhelm fishbone? It's not like she was officially ranked as a VC or a Captain. So she wasn't bound by a limiter.

Originally Posted by Sabaku Kyu View Post
There was nothing ever indicating Rukia wasn't capable against normal hollows. Her comments on gillans did reveal that a shinigami her level was supposed to be no match against a gillian.
Hence my point still stands IMO. The only rank below gillians and the rest of the menos are simply normal hollows--which are fodder. That's what I meant when I said she was "normal hollow level fodder". I didn't mean for it to sound like she was fodder *for* "normal level hollows". I only meant to imply that she was on their level. In other words, she proved capable of defeating them, but also proved capable of being defeated by them.

Gillians/adjuchas were retconned to be VC-level opponents by the time the arrancar arc started. Rukia was just revealed to be more powerful than what was shown before.
Because her own comments w/ regards to the gillians placed her below their level at the time, I'll meet you halfway by suggesting that the retcon of Rukia's power and the gillians are directly connected and related to one another.

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