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Originally Posted by Sabaku Kyu View Post
Like Xagzan said, I was only talking about the Vastro Lorde. Only Ulquiorra and Halibel have been confirmed as VL. Barragan and Stark are both stronger, so it's safe assume they're VL as well. Yami is only said to be stronger in released form so not sure with him but it took two captains to bring him down anyway.
well until I get an answer to my previous question about espada being equal to vasto lorde level I can't be 100% certain about this, but consider the reveal in the manga chapter 197 about the amount of espada. right after hitsugaya explains his worry about aizen having 10 or more (pg 17) VL level hollow, we are hit with pg 18 and 19 where aizen says how many there are. if they are not vasto lorde level, then this makes no sense

And Wonderweiss defeated by a single captain... yeah, freakin' captain Yamamoto. The most powerful shinigami in Soul Society's history. Yeesh...
this just further proves my point. since yama jii is so strong, what is all the fuss about? why be so scared of the VLs?
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