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what do the reckon the "20 brothers" bit from Aizen in the very last page was meant to imply? Because given the context and how they were just talking about how many Vasto Lorde's it would take to bring down Soul Society, I can only see it being interpreted in one way..
yea, I don't even think it's really a question anymore. it's safe to assume all 20 were VL level. it's a typical "dun dun duuunnnn!" moment.

H: "if he has 10 or more we're doomed!"
A: "muahaha! I have 20!"

if people want to argue that only a select few of the espada were VL level because they were specifically spelled out in minute detail to be so, then they need to accordingly think that the manga makes no sense since they are dismissing this reveal entirely as just nonsense.
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