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Eh, which could have been explained without stretching it and without continuing another irrelevant episode next week? Yes. Irrelevant. Because Hearts of Freaks isn't part of F/Z which is, oh geez, maybe about the Fourth Heaven's Feel?

Nasu says what F/Z is really about in the talks:

“Speaking of, what is the fourth war about?”

“Hum – Saber getting bullied by Gilgamesh and Alexander!”

The reason why I say to take this discussion to the light novel spoiler thread is because you can't really explain why this is unimportant without information that anime-only people have.

Also, despite what you want to believe, this story is Kiritsugu's, first and foremost. The novel explicitly states this in the opening narration, and the animation staff is also on record to state that as well. Gilgamesh and Alexander might be of interest to you, but they're not the main character that the story is about.
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