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Originally Posted by Thess View Post
He had a CD drama to flesh out the relationship with Iri, didn't he?
The Drama CDs aren’t part of the anime, so I’d never expect someone to form their opinion of Kiritsugu, based upon the assumption that they had listened to them. I certainly don’t expect most watchers or reviewers to have listened to them, or to factor the character development found within them into the anime’s score. You might as well expect the viewers to read the novel.

He's not the only one who had has his scenes cut. Look at Alexander's flashback or the lackthereof. Where is Gilgamesh's? Where were Kariya (although I think he's getting his own CD drama to compensate) or Tokiomi's or Kirei's?
The difference is that Kiritsugu is the main character, and Alexander isn’t. Most of his character development is vocal, anyway, and thus wasn’t lost in the novel to anime translation. Ditto with the other characters mentioned.
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