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Originally Posted by Wilfriback View Post
Hey, guess what?

Aleister still is human and is a magician too . A proof of his failures are Aiwass' hints about the past and his current plans.

We are using in-series examples only, normal people can be tricked by magicians, but magicians can't be tricked by above average magicians they need to be real pros to do so, and sure there were a good number who spend their time hunting down the real Aleister.
Its just like Laura, she had suspects (which usually leads to the truth) but she had no proof until vol. 22.
You're trying to sidestep; I ask you clearly now, do you have any proof to suggest otherwise that Tsuchimikado's statement from vol 6 that Aleister had fooled Necessarius with false information is wrong?

If they can even get his appearance wrong, how much of their intel is solid?
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