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Hidamari Sketch x SP 01 - To a Harmonious World

The opening of the Specials was very... Charlotte. I know that cake motifs have been common in all media since cakes became a thing, but this being Shaft, it brought that imagery to mind. The ED, with Yuno's dream sequence, was beautiful. Shaft's been getting a lot bolder with Hidamari as the franchise goes on, all while keeping the art style consistent. I waited until I had the OP and ED on my hands to watch, because music is important to me. The new character song sung by the Hidamari Six - "Egao Circle" - is pretty good too.

The first half of ep. 1 was probably my favorite of all the segments. The gag with Hiro and Sae trying to act out the duo, everyone's ideas of what constituted a sculpture (X-Duck!) and the naming session all stood out as either great gags or little contemplative moments. In the second half, seeing Yuno try to swim was cute - slowly but surely, she's growing. Also liked Nori's comment about envisioning Nazuna full-nude. That's a dirty mind she's got there. The various sketches of Yuno were encompassing the spirit of the show as well - heartwarming, but just a little goofy.

Hidamari Sketch x SP 02 - Curtains for You, Hiro

The first segment with the curtains was a lot of fun. Since there was a lot of Yoshinoya this episode, and she steals pretty much any scene she's in. The "I'm still pure white!" exclamation was great. I wonder if, in the second half, she through the Principal was going to call her "Ushinoya". Speaking of the Principal, aside from that moment (both he and Yuno got knocked down. Ow.), his only other appearances were shaking his groove thing in the OP and surfing in episode 1. Yet they were still great. Don't mess with the principal.

The scenes at the buffet were fun. The Hidamari crew always makes even going out to eat seem like an adventure. And hey, more of the Landlady. The only person who didn't appear in these specials at all was Natsume, but the cast is plenty large as it is. Keep going forward, Hidamari, and I'll keep going with you.
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