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Originally Posted by Kaisos Erranon View Post
Should point out, guys, "isekaijin" means something like "person from another dimension".

"Slider" is the nearest English cultural equivalent, but the beings Haruhi was referring to are definitely not just "people with the ability to travel into other universes".

Koizumi was never planned to be the "slider", and if you read Vol. 1 it's kind of obvious how much of an afterthought he is.
I wouldn't say never. As said, the 'misterious' part fit very well with a person from another dimension. The only thing it don't really work if he was an slider is the Organization. But the organization has a very little role in the first book.

Also, is kinda hard to say he is an afterthought. True don't appear much, but many things only works due to his exposition. However, the exposition itself would be strange if it was from a guy from another dimension...

Well, the point is, I don't think you can say, with 100% of sure, he wasn't meat to be there in the first place, even if is true he wasn't menat to be what he is now. Besides, 5 men group is more common then a 4 men.

Oh, yeah, I know what isekaijin means. However, it is needed a way to travel between dimensions to have such people. Mikuru is a person from future, but she is also a time traveler. It is true a isekaijin don't need to be able to slide between dimensioons, but someone must know a way to do so. So, an isekaijin who can travel to another dimension is something that make sense.
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