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Mushishi Alternative (ala Futakoi Alternative): A Harem Romantic Comedy Slice of Life Anime.

"Ginko, a ryounin college student who spends most of his time backpacking through Japan, returns to his home town after two years where his mother, the tough-lovin, pipe-smoking pharmacist Nui resides. The two have an uncanny family resemblance. Ginko goes back to finish school at the local community college, where he rencounters several girls from his past and new acquaintances as well. Other than dealing with the delicious/painful situations happening with the girls in his life, Ginko does some supernatural detective work on the side.

The list of Girls (except Adashino) is:

Lenzu, the cynical child prodigy enrolled in college at age 12. Views Ginko as a nuisance and good for nothing. Rivalry?

Tanyuu: Talented and winsome daughter of a wealthy family studying Japanese Classics. Restricted to wheel chair due to childhood illness, old friend of Ginko's, with whom she made a "promise" to travel the world together one day.

Yuki: The down-to-earth and hardworking girl living together with her young brother, working part time as a waitress at a family restaurant while taking night courses. Develops a crush on Ginko in classical Shoujo fashion.

Adashino: Ginko's buddy, wealthy medical student who has a habit of collecting unusual artificats; pays Ginko for stuff he collects on his journeys.

Amane: A mysterious girl who appears often around campus, playing the guitar for some money. Wears sunglasses all the time due to blindness. Actually another part-timing student studying music who lives by herself.

Yahagi: Ginko's senior by a year; handsome and well-reputed for academics and sports, Ginko's carefree way of life grinds on her to no end; in the same club activity, they can't see eye to eye on anything.

Let's see... Amane would have the best body, Yuki's the down to earth one, Yahagi is the glasses wearing class-rep type, Lenzu is the Loli, and Tanyuu is the sickly but strongwilled one who in the end is Ginko's soulmate (yes, I've already picked the winner).

Spoiler for Episode 1 Fanservice?:
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