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Originally Posted by Roloko vi Britannia View Post
ok fine I'll finally post my pic this was taken back in 2008 during my senior prom. It was cold out so I had to wear a jacket and it was starting to rain when I realized I didn't bring my good black umbrella so instead I had to use my almost partially broken pink one -_-

Spoiler for pic -_-:
Did arbiters give you that flower?
Originally Posted by GN0010 Nosferatu View Post
Another photo of me, not as good as the others, but I have one my favorite Gundam figures sitting right next to me.

Spoiler for space:
Normally, I would regale you with a humorous anecdote about how at first I thought your toy was a giant spider, but I'm still mad at you for cutting your hair.
I hate most of you.
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