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Originally Posted by Tenchi Hou Take View Post
Actually he wasn't mentally preparirng himself for the big ones he was choosing which big ones to go for since he had a limited time limit and had to decide in that time limit.
It starts when he goes "EEHHH?"

The whole point of his time wasting was he didn't know what to DO in that time limit rather than whether he was going to do it.
And that is why he failed. He was given 5 seconds, why try to figure out between the left or the right? Does Rias have a bigger left boob than her right? Was he going to expirement using his left dragon hand and right human hand? Does it matter allocating 2 seconds at one boob each, then 1 second double down?

Did you properly pay attention to scene, where he spent a sec deciding which boob to snuggle with.
Of course I did. He failed because he never met Bruce Lee. "Don't think, feel"

It's like saying you could sleep with any woman you want from a line of beatiful women but you only had 5 seconds to decide. Your caught with a dilema if, you go for the the first one you see, she may be comparitively ugly and end being the one you didn't want to sleep with after all. It was 5 secs and Issei clearly had a lot more to decide in that 5 sec than you would. Considering he was a boob man and wanted to make the most of it rather than simply do it any old how. He went for quality rather than quantity which was what screwed him over. I would understand your point if he had 30 secs or even 20 secs but he had 5 secs regardless who you are your going to spend at least one sec analysing the situation even if knew it was coming, regardless of if you wanted to or not. Your brain simply doesn't work like that.
Odd example you gave. If there are a line of 5 beautiful girls, of course I'd go with the one with my fetishes ok in all seriousness, Issei didn't have to decide between five mounds of breasts my main irk has been his shocked reaction to the whole thing. That was not a reaction of someone who knew what they were going to get. Forget the whole 5 seconds thing, he shot himself in the foot by acting like he was surprised about Rias' gesture. The next irk is him having to decide, for a guy who agreed to Rias' terms in exchange for boobs, you do not decide if it's left, right, and then finally both. This isn't green light red light, he sought the contract because of her boobs, he went through with the ordeal because of her boobs, and after all that he needs 5 seconds to decide if he's going for it?

Maybe because I'm not a kid, that I simply don't think like that. But I know I'm a pervert, and that I won't hide, and I know for a fact I have 2 hands, and I'm going to use them both. This isn't a Hands-On-Throttle-And-Stick, the left boob is the same as the right. It makes no difference to try one or the other only, especially if you decided to do both at the same time anyways.

End rant, give both 5 seconds, not 2.5 each one at a time. Hell I'd grab em both and motorboat, why does it have to be the hands only? She said it's all his, not just for his hands

Originally Posted by Kanon View Post
They should have them take a shower together to
make up for it.
Now there's an idea!
Originally Posted by Malkuth View Post
I have the greatest respect for Koneko...
...'s butt
A bare butt we haven't seen

Horny sluts turning homicidal... well you should have figured my tastes in shitty shows
Sure I know, your tastes include seeing big ones as nothing but fat instead of milk, you like it when girls are chained with only one boob exposed, etc *runs*

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