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Originally Posted by mangatron View Post
Here's the gig: he was after those big ones since the infirmary scene. He agreed to Rias' request because of those big ones. He went through a lot for those big ones.(dare I say he didn't do a thing but suggest one verbal thought)

When it came time for the reward, you do not hesitate. You do not give a big giant "EEEEEHHH?" as if you didn't see it coming. You do not question the very reason why you went through all that. This guy, on his first death, had the balls to think about touching his killer's big ones, and he has to mentally prepare himself to touch the big ones of a nice, caring girl?

When your boss hands you your paycheck, do you say "EEEHHH? I need to prepare myself, and grab that paycheck in one swipe!"? Uh uh, I don't think so

Issei blew and he knew it
Yes, Issei messed up big time there. When it was about time, his brain overloaded and crashed. A real shame. You'll never get to fondle anything if you don't become more active and courageous, Issei!

Originally Posted by Tenchi Hou Take View Post
Actually he wasn't mentally preparirng himself for the big ones he was choosing which big ones to go for since he had a limited time limit and had to decide in that time limit. The whole point of his time wasting was he didn't know what to DO in that time limit rather than whether he was going to do it. Did you properly pay attention to scene, where he spent a sec deciding which boob to snuggle with.
Nonsense. There's absolutely no point choosing one or the other, just take them both! What for do you have two hands?
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