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Originally Posted by Tsukasa27 View Post
Well I just finished watching this show and i give it 7.9/10

It was not bad in fact...the main grip i have is it's a bit too cliche (clueless hero with superpowered female lead....)

Also, i don't feel Age develops a lot through the anime, he almost gets no interaction later on in the story and becomes a fighting machine and nothing else.

On the positive, the cliffhangers were nice and a lot of tension was involved in the show. I guess if you are a fan of the genre, it is a good watch.
who is the superpowered femaled lead?

I hope you are not calling Age clueless because he was one of the few people in the show who knew from the beginning what he had to do and why he was doing it. During the ceremony of presentation, Deianira commented that Age already knew about the tasks of his contract.

Age doesn't have any development because he was already wise for his age. he was not an emo guy, he knew what he had to do from the beginning, if you mean he didn't have any development because he stayed innocent and pure through the whole show, that was the refreshing part of him as a hero and why Deianira fell in love with him.
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