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Originally Posted by blewin View Post
I've just started this anime. It's only 10 episodes long? How much material can it cover with so few episodes?

the character cast is ok. I think the anime has potential. Travelling group is one of my fav, but the introduction of characters is pretty quick, and I don't see how the relationship between three people who know little about each other can suddenly become good comrades. Something in the department of character development seems lacking.
To say the least, it doesn't cover enough of the real plot as it focuses more on the "bonding" arcs of the manga. The order of the anime is actually quite jumbled up if you compare it to the manga but makes sense for an anime watcher. The thing about the sudden meeting is something that was skipped in the anime, but you will grow to learn that their relationship grows throughout the series. At the start they were less of being friends than towards the end (though if you read the manga, you would see that it is a different case ~ the anime can be misleading at times).

But overall, the character development does not lack besides the initial introductions. That is jsut something you will have to swallow.

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