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Originally Posted by Shiroth View Post
Isn't that the second track on the OP single? Listen to all of it, and you'll hear the part you're trying to find.
Yes, you're right. I was merely expecting some form of the insert song on the OST as well.

Originally Posted by Deathkillz View Post
I never actually counted how many versions of "take you as you are" there were so it was pretty amusing to see so many
You made me curious, so I counted. There are 6 variations of Take You listed by name and 4 variations of Heartbreaking Romance. That doesn't include the tracks that are based on one of those songs but don't have those exact titles.

My fav track from the OST ~ Kako he no Tsuioku! (Emotional melody, it is just beautiful to listen to with your eyes closed).
That's a lovely track as well.

What surprised me were the number of tracks that I couldn't correlate to an episode scene. Most of those are the tracks in the twenties of the track listing. The ones that have actual names. Gives me an excuse to go back and watch the anime through again. This time with an ear towards finding those specific music pieces.

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