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Originally Posted by xris
I sometimes wonder why NoSanninWa bothered to post the rules because no-one appears to be reading them

Please.... everyone..... read the first post of this thread....
Maybe people would read them if the rules were separated by on line. I don't think people would enjoy reading them all bunched together from what I noticed.

Originally Posted by NoSanninWa
What were you doing looking at my thread viewing? Spying on me? Maybe you're... in love with me?!

* NoSanninWa blushes

Gosh. I had no idea that Razer_2mb felt that way.

No! It's not that way! Um..... It wouldn't work out?

I will explain how I found out by a stroke of chance.

For some unknown reason I decided to see what NoSanninWa was doing. He/She/It seemed during that one time I looked up his information it appeared he was also viewing the old contest thread as strange as it may seem. I figured that NSW wasn't looking it up due to boredom, but to copy and paste the rules for the Autumn 2004 Banner Contest!!!! I would have to say that my theory is quite accurate to what he did.

bonejellyfish: It's really nice, but Autumntime is a little late for water guns, wouldn't you say so, but then again there are some really hot days before October......

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