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Originally Posted by Kafriel View Post
Even more than that, how did he arrange for Rukia to barge into Ichigo's room?
Easy, all questions can be answered by Aizen's release of his sword. lolololol

and I'm sorry, Monir...did you just say that the flashbacks will continue into episode 296 as well? Wtf?!?!? Don't tell me they're gonna put in MORE fights. I mean afterall, theres no way of Aizen recording and watching the fight between ichigo and batman!!! wtawoidfha;soijcx;lkajweporhias;ohnclkmks.dafeawer f!@#@$#@%@$#!@#!!!!!!!!!!

p.s. - Now i'm really hoping Gin backstabs the hell out of Aizen while saying "Keikaku doriii". I'm just so sick of seeing Aizen being so damn cocky.


But on a more interesting note from the 30 seconds of actual new material, what do you think Aizen wants to do with Ichigo? Seems like he wanted Ichigo to keep growing stronger, but for what reason? Is some sacrifice needed or something!? Or maybe it's one of those "lulul i want you to grow stronger so i can have someone to play along with"
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