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Originally Posted by shmaster View Post
From the PV, they are covering vol.2&3, the Imaginenator arc.
Except I heard that at least some of the PV's content was PV-only (like that fire guy).
Not that I have a source, but that is what I heard.

Originally Posted by EasyGo-er View Post
Not necessarily. Hyouka anime from KyoAni is adapted from Kotenbu novel series where the title of its first volume is Hyouka while the other volumes are named differently but they still ended up adapting several volumes of Kotenbu series instead of just the first volume (Hyouka). The same thing could be happening here.
I admit, that anime is irrelevant to me so I have no idea what Kotenbu is or what Hyouka consists of.
Except that meme thing about the teacher scolding the class for playing instruments badly......... Though as I type this message, I realize that is a different Kyoani anime. All of their anime these days look the same.

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