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Originally Posted by Ultima_Rasengan05 View Post
i guess you would call Lutecia a strong enemy of the TSAB...for now that is, until she tells her past to RF6 and then gets "befriended" and becomes a part of RF6.
But yea, StrikerS is seriously lacking some good enemies for the main characters right now...we only got an emotional turnabouts in this episode.
maybe a little further down the road, we'll get surprised on stronger enemies other than those stupid relic hunting drones...
maybe one of the clients of dr.scaglietti could prove to be a strong enemy itself!
While it could be possible I don't think this path is likely, since the ones behind scenes does give me the impression of having money or power. Since I doubt some no name could hire someones like Scaglietti, from my experiance in anime, any one who got money or power is unlikely rather weak. If the client is related to TSAB the I think he/she can set some top level enforcers on our Ace's path...
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