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Originally Posted by rikimtasu View Post
just watched eva,it is amazing!so heres what i done for this month sotm.

v1,without any good idea on border yet,cc is needed for me^^
Has a nice concept, yet the pure white bg looks abit odd, still the squares and text save it.

Originally Posted by ganbaru View Post
my second try, insted of removing it, i modified the ''errasing '' c&c would be welcome.
Yeah, looks better ganb, still feels like if something is missing. Not sure what, maybe a text or some more efects.

Originally Posted by zwei View Post

c&c welcome.
Like the colors on this one better, quite an awesome sig.

Originally Posted by sabriel View Post
Here's my attempt:

The text is a bit hard to read, also not surer about that "aura" surroungung the render. :/

Originally Posted by lord crow View Post
Your sig gave me a little inspiration. Wanted to try out some scanlines so i whipped up something simple:

bottom left corner isn't what i hoped for.
lol, it's a funny sig, like the style on it.

Originally Posted by naoto View Post
my first sign is too chaotic so i remake.
Maybe i was too greedy
Looks a LOT better, definetly and improvement.

Originally Posted by haladflire65 View Post
looks much better, but the right side of the render looks a bit messy.

Ver. 4!

Oh, not, the black stain's lines being visible on her face spoils the sig terrinly! D:

Originally Posted by mekdra View Post
hi hi here my firts intent


i'm still not sure which to choose

It's a bit hard for me to see what's going on on any of the two sigs, both atre too chaotic, perhaps too much efects.

Originally Posted by atomicox View Post
still a lot of time left so dropping this as a first version. And yes the text is meant to be hard to see.

I'm speakless, an awesome evil sig to satisfy the phsyco inside me. O3O

Originally Posted by drake View Post
updated with some slight tweeks.

Can't see much diference between the previous version, still looks really cool.

Originally Posted by milan kyuubi View Post
v1 and v2 from the first one.

Hmmm... like V2 better but I'm not sure about the "stroke" on Rei's render :/
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