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Originally Posted by SilverSyko View Post
"Twilight of the Golden Witch" huh? Is the boxart done by trhe same people doing the PS3 remake?

It'll be nice to see this series finally be resolved and hit it's conclusion. =)
No, the artist is the same who did all the other portraits as well. Look at EP4 cover, there is Battler and some stakes out of the portrait which represents the artist's non-portrait style.

How many of them are out of the portrait anyway? Seems like it's the four in front plus Bern and Lambda.

Extra TIPS were what I thought Alchemist could put as extras in the PS3 games but seems like Umineko's "Rei" (Tsubasa) is going to consist of them. With EP8, Tsubasa and a fighting game coming out at the same time it looks like I won't have money to buy Higurashi at the end of this year after all.

My guess of Legacy of the Golden Witch for the final title didn't match after all, but Twilight does have the sound of conclusion and fits with Dawn of EP6.

Spoiler for EP7:

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