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Originally Posted by kuromitsu View Post
It's a shame that this show is not getting more attention...

I was browsing the forum and realised this series isn't on the front page, even though an episode aired today. It's not exactly a show that entices me to talk about it much, so maybe that's it?

It's easily one of the best shows this season, with a very keen eye for body language (for both human and feline characters), and the gests span all ages and genders and blend really well. It's calming, and the backgrounds are gorgeous (those rich colours). The voice acting is so soothing, too.

Oh, and Kinako must be one of the best cats I've seen recently in anime (that episode with the kitten!). This episode went a little more into the backstory, and it slots into the ongoings pretty well. This show has such a rich social texture.

Really, more people should watch this.
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