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Originally Posted by Vexx View Post
That may be Nature's Way of saying to them, "Perhaps you should familiarize yourself with taxis, busses, and light rail"
I resent that comment Vexx, albiet it is a joke, but it depends on the circumstances of why she failed.
US get licences like sweets, probably cause its a country where no car = not going anywhere (for most part, it seemed that way when i travelled there)
especially in suburban areas...
Public transport?! What's that? -.-
I remember being told the circumstances of how to pass from Louisana, Cali and I think NY was the other state. I just looked at you all and went, you'd be chewed and spat out if you ever tried a UK test, believe me.

I have my own tales of woe, too. Mainly a case of money for young people here, we can't afford lessons to practice, so it can drag.
Speaking for myself, I got a test booked for early october ;_;
The rules change every freakin 6 months or so (you brits realise theory test went from 30 out of 35 to 43 out of 50 for part 1 for the questions part now?)

Any fellow brits who've recently passed over the last year, feel free to share experiences, i kinda wanna hear how you guys are getting past the ever getting stricter system (ever more expensive) system too.
I realise i better pass this, already out of 1k (2k dolalrs) over long ass track history, lol. And my theory plans to run out not too soon

So expsensive here *sigh*

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